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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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they've been threatened to be resorted to immigration this legislation will bring the butte buy outs under control and duty u cut down open 0 this in the city i encourage you to pass this with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i'm andrew with the san francisco tenants union thank you sxhooums for working on this legislation and the union we receive a lot of clients who come in with buy out offices that are low and some people don't come in if they think this is all they can get. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good morning. i'm deanna i'm a housing council with the cause i'm here to urge tour full
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support for the buy outs legislation that of interested 40 introduced to the board the san francisco represent board is pro-active in collecting data this legislation supports the much needed documentation to system lee count for the democratgraphies and laents on the buy out agreement currently not data regarding the trend that the buyist offers the provisions in the legislation can elaborate the pattern and old practices as well as the questionableness between the acts of good faith and we see this as a tracking of the preservationries hundreds of affordable housing as supervisor
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campos mentioned are already under rent control for the take intents ticks and the buy out offers the crisis that our city and cities across the nation s are currently seeing the provisions your endorsement can help the mechanisms that assistance of mapping who is at stake for the underground practices. >> thank you very much. >> hi, i'm a tenant counselor with the agency we and clinic see over one hundred kinds i'm here to urge tour support important the buy out cases u cases we're getting cases where a 99 this was
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purchased in the mission the landlords wanted to get people to enter into a offer he called the tenants typed them letters and paid personal visits to their home the tenant too want to live under the pursues and harassment and signed i met with another tenant and it is one of many cases the bottom line the tenants in this getting deadlines and constant phone call from the landlord and representatives we need to strengthen our strategies and provide education resources and hold landlords accountable this legislation will give the tenants more/89 opportunities to learn it they're right and services in their language and time to adequately assess the steps to take if folks access
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our services we can 0 give them time to make decisions there are instances we don't know about where people are leaving with this legislation people can not have their rights cut away with let's go information. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is peter green i'm just a regular citizen i came to san francisco when i was 24 years old i would go in an agreement purchased 2 years ago i came to show the face of a tenant facing eviction i'm now living in southern california far from the place i love to work i could go into the aids crisis and my contributions
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i know you want to focus on the buy out in the dead of night i was told the building was going to be sold i was lucky enough to be ill i could get help from lucky to get help from legal here in the city i can't minimal 60 days to get out after 28 years and a buy out that barely got me to southern california i'm bashed from the place i live and work and divorcee could gone. >> i was lucky it was a nightmare so i just i don't know. i don't pretend to know the horrors i i'm a facing face here everyday. >> thank you very much it's good to see you in san
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francisco thank you for sharing our story. >> good afternoon or good morning. i'm scott an attorney we've been around since 1981 doing tenant rights litigation buy outs having is one of the things eave dealt with you think based on the testimony you've heard you have a basis for abandoning buy out on first blush buy outs are okay. people are shaking hands and coming to an agreement your heard the context of shaking hands it is usually preceded been a landlord h that is purchased the building and often by a landlord saying i'm going to ellis act the building but if you can hand you more money if you don't make me
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going going through the process it's around ellis act it's around the restrictions as so forth in the condo conversion of ellis act evictions proposed legislation if not impose any undue burden on anyone to require a landlord to give tenant information about their rights is heralds american people imposition to even the right of recession 45 days most of the buy outs are 5060 or 90 day so the right of recession didn't put no one in an adverse situation as far as the condo restriction if you're going to ellis act it then face the condo
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restriction if you're not the condo ellis act restriction is irrelevant. >> hi bryan with the aids housing alliance speaking no support of increasing the transparency about what's happening in the housing market people are competing the informational, of course, they want to keep is hidden and keep the light of sunshine off their and the world of government is to provide that transcript and the act of information it's a good government policy those the buy out evictions started when we started to create effort to curtain of spectacle active displacement
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that was supported by some folks it got unanimous support at the board of supervisors it's important my agency we get this type of accessed information as someone that i was ellis act evicted i know the process it's overwhelming and stressful all all of a sudden and everyday substantiate don't have the access to the information they need and i think that anyone anything we can do to increase the assessed information make the process less overwhelming and a make that more fair and equitable i think about the african-american 2k3wr078 when came to me recently and after months and months of heerment of people moving into her community
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they gave her $90 they said we're going to evict you anyway but she took the money and has been homeless. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm michael supervisor campos i'm the face of that displacement you spoke about so el question. i moved to san francisco in 1992 my landlord died she was great a stranger served me with an evictions i'm fighting the eviction a court dates on the 20th they kept all my assets all my family photos and my wedding ring i'm involved with 4 groups
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on planning committees open a sub poverty income living under a bridge i banned together with homeless people that helped me we need the regulations my rights were not met on the other hand, and i'm city firefighting this person that evicted me i imoblast mrour polar you to pass this legislation. >> thank you for your sharing our story. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >>. >> good morning. i'm candy i work at the housing right as a native san franciscan my great grandparents live here this is not the city i grew up in our city is rapid changing yesterday's it is disappointing the decision and previous decisions contributed to our
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city's housing crisis on top of the housing crisis we're in we also have this wild west of underhanded in essence to take advantage of the people if you're city is not going to find creative ways to stop this find loopholes at least the city can offer the residents protection i know people w that have loss their homes to buy outs are leaving the area or homeless we're displaying people that have lived in the city for half a city i know if it wasn't for he my rent controlled apartment i would be 0 homeless at least elites offer the protection for people fatiguing the buy outs
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their have a chance to stay in san francisco please support this legislation thank you very much. next speaker. >> hi native san franciscan my name is is brewing grimes that my name is my family opposed a home in san francisco for over 70 years the only people that understand in the home they're terrific keeping the house in wonderful order just terrific but i want a clarification if i could get it is the legislation pending going to impact single-family homes in other words, building less than 2 unit? is anybody is that a "yes?" they will well, i know that the board of supervisors has been really strong behind the support of seniors and disabled when i get
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to be a senior i'm 69 the kinds of options one looked at is 69 vs. 39 are very different i don't know what i'm going to do i don't live in the house right now i may move in and live there 3 years based on the legislation i may not because for all i know i've had no discussions with the tenant they may say to me we want to discuss a buy out and we know about the buy outs and the payment i'm hoping that the restrictions of 45 days if this legislation go into effective applies to both the landlord and the property owner and the tenant norms if you want to resend both is should have the option and if the tenant prefer
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not to wait 45 days a that should be their option >> thank you very much >> next speaker. >> ted san francisco tenant union as many speakers cvs have said in the past we're asking months buy out at the clinic we estimate 7 buy outs for everyone that is a ice cream ellis act buy outs are fueling the epidemic and completely unregulated we needed need to get them under control those are not agreements typically the buy outs are coupled with an eviction treat and coupled with elevators harassment threats and tenant feel very much under the pressure to accept the co-ersz
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buy outs tenant reluctantly taking them and the landlord s are using those as loopholes prior to 2006 when the then provision was adapted for no fault eviction we never, ever he saw buy outs since then their skyrocketed to get around the condo conversions that the predecessor board put in place signed by the mayor it was important we not allow people to. >> buy outs as a way to evade the tenant rights to protect the housing stock and to protect the tenants from eviction i urge you to pass this and hopefully get
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this passed and get the buy outs under control their even worse than the ellis act we all hate they're totally out of control. >> i know that in the friend of mine the gentleman spoke earlier this is not banning buy outs in the case you've described the notification requirements certainly apply but i understand it's a one unit building the condo restrictions do not apply yes, sir. >> i'm richard a volunteer at the san francisco tenant union i've seen numerous numerous buy out for sick and elderly people it's a criminal particularly the landlords get high pressured attorneys and people don't have the time to find the help they need to negotiate something or
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know their options it's obscene i love they have 45 days to school and support this legislation. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning, supervisors jane with the san francisco apartment i'm here to oppose to legislation our organization buildings that you can't control a contract between two private parties and make that distract public and this legislation will be challenged in court and struck down as invalid thank you very much. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good morning brooke turner with the coalition of better housing i want to lend my support from mr. griemdz the inequality of the buy out scenarios by this legislation
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something that should be cleared up people can back out on both you can't control a contract between two individual parties there's trouble for the legislation i want to tell you i was a resilient to a buy out it was the best thing for any family i didn't receive pressure or so any negative efforts on behalf of the people i was working with you certainly think that people should protect themselves and that people should go into the buy outs with their eye open and noticing most do i think it is something else we should do it helps some people helps them to get ahead thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker. >> good morning. i'm time a
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native san franciscan i just wanted to rise to speak in support of the legislation i've never seen this real estate market for brutality than it is now we definitely need to regulate buy outs and, in fact, extend the rent control citywide thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good morning. i'm dominique i missed some of the meetings but i support this legislation because i was bought out 23 years ago by my landlord and i was told by my lawyers they were evicting me for not coordinating e cooperating with the bedbugs basically, i got rail rooted i got a lawyer they said i could workout a good move
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out agreement i signed under duress and went into shock formal two weeks and have to move i got angry and was homeless for six months and that was my rent controlled apartment of 18 years my lymph gland if care about my disabled for 26 years i've been bipolar for 32 years and my lawyer doesn't seem to have a clue how to defend me so i thought i cot screwed over by my lawyer and landlord when people kick people when they're down it has to stop. >> thank you very much is there any member of the public who wishes to speak seeing none,
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public comment is closed mr. chair. >> okay any public comment on that item? colleagues any comments. >> i want to self-i know close by simply thanking all of the members of the public who came out and spoke on both sides of the issue and the city that shared their stories i appreciate that and let me say i think there are differences of opinion here and i represent some of the comments made in opposition to this i understand; right where the opposition is coming from i want to be clear one that we are not trying to stop people from actually entering into an agreement there is no band of that if people want to move forward and feel that a buy out is the right thing for them which i that is
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the case forces a lot of people we still have the ability to do that no prohibition gentiles it is part of who we are as americans you want to respect people's guest bio i ability the second is the simply to level the playing field and unfortunately there are cases many cases people doesn't fully understand their rights so we simply want to make sure that it is truly a level playing field so there is an understanding from both sides of what their rights are and what their obligations are and that really is the spit in which this the presented again thank all the hoping people hillary in my office researching this program
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and our city attorney's office so thank you very much and i before this item is voted on i would simply ask for the two technology or two minor amendments i've discussed. >> okay. maybe before we have more comments a motion to accept the underlying amendments. >> okay we'll take that without objection. supervisor avalos. >> thank you, supervisor farrell i want to thank supervisor campos for bringing this legislation forward and i want to acknowledge that even with a buy out if we infected it or a new buy out policy this is a great hardship on a lot of people the vacancy is low and the cost of renting now in san francisco is higher than anyone can afford even with the buy
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outs it's very, very challenging we're seeing people leave to go outside of san francisco often far away people that work in san francisco just the other day i met a teacher that has been teaching in san francisco for 25 years with the boy out process looking at to move to pasadena this is a disruption on people's lives i acknowledge for some people it might be helpful but for the evaluate majority of people it is quite a hardship this legislation is also not onerous it is actually enables the city to track with what's happening the rent board will be tracking the buy outs and enter mediate for the information that's something that will be valuable as we're trying to stem the crisis we're in right now to
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have that kind of information and disclosure is something we've got a longs history of supporting here at the board of supervisors beyond the current broadwell into a decade at least we'll provide the information about what happened in building now a owners are disclosed bye about new evictions this is part of what we do to insure that people are an understanding of reasonable certainty in the city i'm supporting supportive of this legislation my heart goes out to people that had to leave through buy outs or evictions in the city we need to slow down that or stop it again thank the organizations that have been worker tireless to help folks
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facing buy outs innovations. >> supervisor mar. >> i just like to first thank all the people that have testified with our stories it really brings the heart of what this physicists legislation will do and thank you to supervisor campos and hillary from his office for the hard work 3ug9 u putting this together i guess i want to address a couple of issues the media is focused not only the local media how san francisco is facing the eviction crisis and our whole neighborhoods are changing being jept if i had and low income people being pushed out the focus on the ellis act and other types of evictions leave out the boy out the woman mentioned it's
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a wild west of trickery going on and within the responding sdibltsd i know that my staff and i have had to deal with the negotiation better buy outs for people it is heartbreaking because they're being evicted and pushed out ted said with the couple of a threat whether explicit or leave because of an ellis act the power is different than brooke turner mentioned in his happier story we say ask the 7 to one people facing the buy outs incarcerated to the ellis act eviction he's to said that the power dynamic for a tenant facing eviction is so different
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than what mr. turner has faced i'll say that others said to the balancing the inkwaeblt of power is critical it gives for rights so people are knowledgeable it raise the bar to understand the type of buy outs being negotiated to low income people that doesn't have strong english skills have the ability to negotiate better and the data as supervisor avalos mentioned will help us to track the crisis of buy out that are right now underneath the surface the housing rights committee has hit the nail on the head how displaying people it breaks my heart like folks like mr. green are being pushed out to la and
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other places that is one key legislation we pass at this committee and at the full board it is alledgedly the future of san francisco and how we protect our community so thank you very much to supervisor avalos and the other gentleman as we try to protect our community. >> thank you supervisor mar i'll keep my comments brief i want to thank supervisor campos so far this legislation i know everyone spoke on the the president i'm fully on board with you know stopping the no, no i wasn't finished yet stopping a lot of the test that was talked about here and no one myself included supports any of the stories around correlation and threats not supportive of those it's a question of how


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